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We believe in living a healthier, happier, more empowered life through proper rest, good food and mindful movement.

What better way than to combine yoga and travel in bespoke retreats that bring like-minded people together in a beautiful natural setting to relax, recharge and reboot. Join us in one of our upcoming retreats, carefully curated to help you create great memories, feel refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired.

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Happy faces of last year’s Bhutan retreat!

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I would like to point out one of the key reason why this was so exceptional and why I (we) can't wait for the next retreat. Two of you are just so exceptional. The love, passion and quality you brought in to every element of the retreat made me as a participant and friend feel so special and welcome. This is only possible when you do it with your heart and passion! You are both just fantastic! Such moments are for a lifetime, a time to pause and be thankful for the wonderful life I have had so far. And clearly the Bhutan time reminded me to enjoy each and every moment in my life even more intensely!

- John

It was a wonderful journey with a group of people that effortlessly connected with each other, thanks to the smooth and caring guidance of Sumei and Lynn. I am very much looking forward to staying in touch and will check whether I can do the Maldives trip.

- Jürgen

This is definitely one of the best trips I've had. Thank you so much for putting together such an all-encompassing package  - health, spiritual, fun and educational - in luxury! Not to mention all the wonderful people I got to know on this trip. Love it and looking forward to the next trip.

- Juliana

Thank you for the unforgettable experience in Bhutan, largely due to your organization, itinerary and your excellent leader and warm companionships. And the yoga was sooo inspiring that we've signed up for regular yoga classes, so thank you too for that!

- Sharon

Thank you so much for making this trip to Bhutan such a great experience. It exceeded my expectations by far!!! The organisation was just perfect, actually everything was perfect!  I look forward to joining you for your Sri Lanka retreat.

- Simone

Thank you Lynn & Sumei for being incredible hosts and taking care of us every step of the way. The organisation and planning was spot on, with plenty of heart and humour as well. Both of you are amazing ambassadors for COMO and for Space and Light and I look forward to attending another retreat soon. Namaste

- Steve

I enjoyed the 5-day yoga retreat with Lynn & Sumei at COMO Point Yamu. The intensity of the yoga lessons in the morning and evening have been blissful. Lynn & Sumei’s yoga sessions are never easy but they made it so achievable and enjoyable. They were so meticulous in their instructions and I made so much progress in just 5 days. I really appreciated the way they reminded me of finding balance each time I practice – not about achieving but to enjoy the process of my practice. It was an amazing yoga experience from the heart by Lynn & Sumei !

- June Yew

Thanks again for taking me in on yet another retreat!! This was my third yoga retreat with Lynn & Sumei, and it was as great an experience as the previous two! Every time after the 4-5 days of your constant detailed coaching and support, I leave with a greater awareness of my postures and a better understanding of aligning my body. And as always, the choice of the hotel / resort is superb, I love the ambience and architectural design of Como Point Yamu, the service, the food and the spa; and lastly, the most important is the great company of both Lynn & Sumei and the old and new yogi enthusiast-friends that I make every time. Thanks very much again for the excellent retreat and for being such great yoga teachers. Hope to see you guys on another retreat going forward!

- Edna Lam

This yoga retreat with Lynn & Sumei was exactly what I needed. It was a brilliant way to break free of my old patterns, release limitations, let go of angst and step into the space of courage and new possibilities.  It allowed me to go deeper into my 'young' yoga practice so that I can find space in my body that allowed me to open my body ...and mind to new opportunities. The wisdom and knowledge that both Lynn and you imparted to us with your very professional and holistic approach made yoga more than just a yoga class. Your deep love and respect for this uh-maze- ing life science and your warmth and compassion permeated us all... coupled with the dynamic and "lunatic" team we had in Phuket ...really made this retreat an enjoyable and worthwhile one!!!

- Tina Hildenbrand